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SSB Big Open Collar Flannel Shirts

Sale price$61.02(+TAX)

An open collar shirt with a boxy silhouette that can be worn big. I wanted this so I started making it.
The details and silhouette of the open collar shirt, which is considered a masterpiece in the vintage market, have been referenced and fine-tuned.
The thick texture and ombre plaid pattern go well with SOCAL style, and are reminiscent of Mexican culture and music such as alternative rock and surf rock.
As the name suggests, it has a large size, so it can be worn as is, but it can also be worn over a hoodie, or as a light jacket in early spring.
The one-point frog embroidery is also a highlight.

SSB Original Body

M: Length approx. 76cm Width approx. 72cm Sleeve length approx. 64cm
L: Length approx. 79cm Width approx. 75cm Sleeve length approx. 65cm
XL: Length approx. 82cm Width approx. 78cm Sleeve length approx. 66cm
*Please note that this is a large product, so please be careful about the size.

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SSB Big Open Collar Flannel Shirts
SSB Big Open Collar Flannel Shirts Sale price$61.02(+TAX)